Online Mobile Recharge Portal Project

Online Mobile Recharge is a web-based application developed in ASP.NET to recharge mobile phones. The project focuses at providing an easy and reliable platform to recharge mobile of any telecommunication company through online without buying recharge card. The registered users of the system can recharge their prepaid mobile phones from anywhere at any time.The proposed project for recharging mobiles developed to automate the mobile recharging process.

It roots out the manual card system of recharge and introduces a new and genuine online recharge process.The online mobile recharge system is beneficial to both the admins and users. Using the online application, the admin can add new operators, tariff plans, offers and update or modify the existing tariff plans. It helps the users in creating their account, and then recharging the mobiles phones at any time.

Here we propose an advanced Sentiment Analysis for Product Rating system that detects hidden sentiments in comments and rates the product accordingly. The system uses sentiment analysis methodology in order to achieve desired functionality. This project is an E-Commerce web application where the registered user will view the product and product features and will comment about the product. System will analyze the comments of various users and will rank product. We use a database of sentiment based keywords along with positivity or negativity weight in database and then based on these sentiment keywords mined in user comment is ranked.

Comment will be analyzed by comparing the comment with the keywords stored in database. The System takes comments of various users, based on the comment, system will specify whether the product is good, bad, or worst. Once user login the system he can view the product and product features. After viewing product user can comment about the product. User can also view comment of other user’s. The role of the admin is to add product to the system and to add keywords in database. User can easily find out correct product for his usage. This application also works as an advertisement which makes many people aware about the product. This system is also useful for the user’s who need review about a product.

Fingerprint Based Voting Project is a application where the user is recognized by his finger pattern. Since the finger pattern of each human being is different, the voter can be easily authenticated. The system allow the voter to vote through his fingerprint. Finger print is used to uniquely identify the user. The finger print minutiae features are different for each human being. Finger print is used as a authentication of the voters. Voter can vote the candidate only once, the system will not allow the candidate to vote for the second time. The system will allow admin to add the candidate name and candidate photo who are nominated for the election. Admin only has the right to add candidate name and photo who are nominated. Admin will register the voters name by verifying voter.

Admin will authenticate the user by verifying the user’s identity proof and then admin will register the voter. The number of candidate added to the system by the admin will be automatically deleted after the completion of the election. Admin has to add the date when the election going to end. Once the user has got the user id and password from the admin the user can login and vote for the candidate who are nominated. The system will allow the user to vote for only one candidate. The system will allow the user to vote for one time for a particular election. Admin can add any number of candidates when the new election will be announced. Admin can view the election result by using the election id. Even user can view the election result.