Online Herbs Shopping Project

This project helps the users in curing its disease by giving the list of fruits and herbs that the user should consume in order to get rid of its disease. The main purpose of this project is to help the user to easily search for herbs and fruits that will be good for the health of the user depending on any health issue or disease that he/she is suffering from. This system helps the user to reduce its searching time to a great extent by allowing the user to enter its health problem and search accordingly.

The admin can add fruits and herbs to the system and its information. This system also allows the user to view the selected fruit or the herb’s description which describes how the fruit or the herb will help to improve the user’s health. This system also allows the user to place order which will add the items to the user’s cart and make payment for the same. The system also includes a module in which the user can search for the hospitals depending on the name of the disease that it enters. Thus this system helps to cure the user’s disease to a great extent.

Getting a loan is a very tiring and complicated process in India. It may take weeks even months for loans to get approved and people have to visit the loan office again and again for document and verification. Here our proposed project automates the loan process from both, bankers as well as customers side. Here customers may see various loans provided along with rate of interest and required documents.

Here once the customer fills basic enquiry form, it reaches the bank server he gets a login id password.. The server administrator now can check it and select weather to go forward or reject the candidate. If he needs to go forward the banker may select to send customer to next stage. Now the customer gets stage 1 approval and needs to upload his scanned documents to the site through his login.

Once the documents are submitted they are cross verified at the server and reply is sent to server. The system server also gets the person location and his image secretly by tracking the computer through which he submits documents to the bank server needed for bank verification. The bank may now cross verify customer details and also request extra documents by sending online alerts to the customer email. The customer just needs to upload needed documents online and can also track loan status. He gets an sms once his loan has been approved confirming the process.

It has happened so many times that you have been waiting on airport for someone to arrive and you don’t have any exact information about flight timing and other stuff. So here we present to you a project on flight scheduler system. Using this system user’s can get the information about flight timing, and is it on time or not, and other information.