Robot Controlled using Android Application

The snake contains twelve segments motivated by servo motors and joined with metal brackets. The servos are controlled by an Arduino Mega and powered by a 7.4-volt battery pack. The snake can be controlled by an android app using Bluetooth. The snake is also capable of autonomous movement. Such a robot can be constructed with many different types of servos and brackets. Each of the 12 segments consists of a servo motor, a C-bracket, a side bracket, a wire clip and a set of Lego wheels.

Two screw holes is to be drilled into the Lego wheel axle to permit it to be connected to the C-bracket. After all, 12 segments are connected, head and tail sections need to be added in order to accommodate the Arduino and batteries. To make them a side bracket and two long C-brackets connected.

The Arduino and therefore the 5AA battery holder are used that powers it into the tail section of the snake. The servos are powered by a separate supply, the 7.4-volt battery pack, goes into the head of the snake. On the receiver, the bottom pin is connected to the Arduino ground. The voltage pin is connected to a 5-volt pin from the Arduino.

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